No commitments. No fees. No sales commissions



No commitments. No fees. No sales commissions


I was looking for a solution for local delivery. I had been delivering orders for Clover Toys myself for a large part of 2020 and it had become a stress on me and my staff. Right before the holiday season we connected with Swingbuy. I was a great connection! They became the Reindeer that delivered all the toys just in time for celebrations! Not only that, but they hosted a Toy Drive right from our shop's site to help the Salvation Army. We are still working with them and it has been a great experience.They are fast and efficient. The app is easy to navigate and it integrates with Shopify.
Brittney Geleynse
Opening a clothing shop in 2018 raised a few eyebrows, as people wondered if there was a need for a brick and mortar store during this trend of on-line retail. A year and a half later, I'm delighted to say that my passion and instincts have led me to exactly where I'd dreamt of being. Each step has been extremely affirming with wonderful partners showing up at just the right time. Case in point: our latest partner, Swingbuy! Working with Swingbuy, especially during this current situation, allows us to make solutions a little easier for you which aligns with our mission of taking the best care of our customers. We're stronger together and we're grateful for our partnership.
Ramona Abbasian
We like the ease of being able to get wine in our customers hands if they aren't able to get to the tasting room It's a convenient way to get wine to their door in less than 2 hours.
John Patterson

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We’re excited to welcome you to the Swingbuy Marketplace. Please reach out to hello@swingbuy.co to get your account set up and an Account Executive will get back to you within 24 hours.

Swingbuy is an online marketplace that enables local stores to increase customer awareness and to offer same day local delivery or in-store pick-up.

The Swingbuy Merchant Partner begins immediately upon signing your agreement. Part of the onboarding process will involve you uploading your inventory that you wish to make available as well as signing up for a Stripe account so that you can receive payment directly from customers. Once you have completed both of these steps, an Account Executive will reach out to you to confirm that your store is live and you can begin offering on-demand services to your customers.

There is no setup fees or monthly cost to sell on Swingbuy. Swingbuy also does NOT charge any sales commission. Swingbuy is completely free to store owners as we rely fully on communities support. Customers are being asked to consider a 5% service fee to keep the platform up and running. It is suggested that the Merchant splits a same-day delivery fee (total usually $12) unless the buyer chooses to pick the item up at your store, in which case no delivery fee is added. Merchants can also choose to pay the shipping fees entirely. There are no upfront or integration fees.

No, there are no upfront costs. Merchants use Swingbuy free of charge. We ask customers to pay an optional 5% service fee in oder to keep the platform up and running.

Contact us at hello@swingbuy.co to get in touch and get signed up.

Swingbuy currently integrates with Shopify and also allows merchants to manually upload inventory into the Swingbuy marketplace. Stores have 100% control over what products are available and which items they want to make available for same-day delivery or in-store pick-up.

Yes, you are in complete control of which inventory items you want to include in your Swingbuy virtual storefront. You can add or remove items in a matter of seconds within the Swingbuy Merchant app.

To process orders through the Swingbuy marketplace, every merchant is required to sign up for a Stripe account (if not already existing). Stripe is an online payment processing company that manages all transactions on Swingbuy. Your orders are processed directly between you and your customer through Stripe. Stripe charges a credit card transaction fee of 2.8%+ $0.30. 

Swingbuy has partnered with a network of delivery companies. Generally the delivery fee is $12. Once you have received an online order for delivery, you will have the ability to make sure the items requested are available and then confirm the order. After the order is confirmed the customer is charged and the delivery driver is scheduled to pick up the order within the next 2 hours. (Note: orders with a value of over $500 are protected with additional insurance and may result in a higher delivery fee

Swingbuy does not manage returns and refunds at the moment. If your customer would like to return any items, your store’s individual return policies apply. We will credit back any commission we receive but the delivery fee is not reimbursed.

You can reach out to your account manager directly or contact merchant@swingbuy.co with any questions or concerns you may have.

No, the agreement is not exclusive.

Yes, Swingbuy delivers alcohol in certain markets. You must be 21 or older to receive alcohol and the account owner must be present to accept the delivery. Please be ready to show valid photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport). Your Swingbuy courier may take a picture of your ID, but it won’t be saved on their device.

In order to assure every item arrives on time, Swingbuy are currently unable to pick up items from multiple locations. Swingbuy does not limit you from placing multiple orders at the same time, though, in the event you need items from multiple locations.

Yes, all orders are insured up to $500.

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