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Most frequent questions and answers

Swingbuy is an online marketplace that offers same-day delivery and pickup from local stores you know and trust. Our local stores benefit from our technology and logistics platform and our customers enjoy the ease, convenience, and safety of on-demand delivery and curbside pick-up.

Same-day delivery is available when the selected store is open and your order is placed at least 3 hours before the store’s closing time. Due to COVID-19 and other factors, store hours might be effected so please bear this in mind. If an order is placed outside business hours or less than 3 hours before the store closes it will be delivered the next business day or when the store re-opens.

Provided you have placed your order at least 3 hours before the selected store closes for the day, you should receive your order within 3 hours from when the store accepts your order and marks it available for pick-up.

Currently, Swingbuy delivers up to 15 miles from the selected stores to your address. We might ship orders further and even across the country in the future. Stay tuned.

There are no purchase limits. Deliveries are insured during transit up to $500 automatically. If the order is of higher value additional insurance is automatically applied which will be reflected in the delivery fee.

There is no minimum purchase amount you have to reach to place an order on Swingbuy. However, if you would like to get your order delivered, most stores have a $40 or higher minimum purchase order. If you want to place an order with a total value less than $40, the delivery charge will be $12.00 as the store will not be sharing the cost of delivery with you.

The delivery fee is split 50/50 between the customer and store. It is a flat fee of $6.00 when reached the stores minimum purchase order. Usually, that amount is $40. If the delivery order is lower than the limit, the total delivery fee is $12. 

Swingbuy entirely relies on the help of the people in our community. In order to keep Swingbuy Free of Charge to our local merchants, we are asking You to pay an optional 5% service fee. The fee allows us to keep the site up and running as well as support our local merchants. 

We are sorry to hear that. Please contact the merchant directly through the Swingbuy Marketplace app. Please supply pictures and a description of the damaged items along with details of what is missing and/or incomplete. Swingbuy will work with the merchant to determine the appropriate course of action on a case-by-case basis and where and when the merchant has made a mistake may refund the order. Swingbuy is only responsible for any damages or missing items that occur from when our courier picks-up the items to the point where it is delivered to you.

Swingbuy does not manage returns and refunds as the transaction occurs between you and the individual Merchant. If you have any issues with the items ordered and would like to return them, the store’s individual return policies apply and you may return the unwanted items to the store for a refund.

Please check the order status within the Swingbuy app and confirm that the order was marked as delivered. The driver might still be on the way! NOTE: Swingbuy is not liable for orders that are marked as delivered and left at the delivery location when you are not available to receive the order. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you place your order when you or somebody in your household or business is available to accept the order. If the package is marked as delivered but not in your possession, go into the Swingbuy app and determine where the driver left the package. Our driver will take a picture of the delivered item which you can view under My Orders. Also, check with your neighbors, landlord, or apartment office to see if someone has accepted it for you. If you still cannot find the product, please reach out to the appropriate authorities and we will work with them to see if the matter can be resolved.

Once the order is placed and a driver is scheduled for pick-up, you will be able to track the driver on a map that will appear inside the order status view.

Curbside pickup allows Merchants to bring their products outside to customers that otherwise may not be able to enter a physical store. Before placing your order on the checkout screen, select the option Store Pickup. Let the Merchant know you are on your way and when you have arrived by using the Swingbuy app. We’ll notify the merchant that you’re outside, and they’ll bring you the order as soon as it’s ready. Be sure to have your order number or QR code on hand as the Merchant will use it for confirmation.

When you order an item through Swingbuy you are billed directly by the Merchant and not by Swingbuy. Before finalizing your order you will see a total amount being charged which includes the price of your item/s, applicable state and local taxes, as well as the delivery fee if you chose to have your order delivered. You will always be able to verify and review the total amount for your order on the checkout screen before requesting a Swingbuy. The transaction occurs between you and the individual store. 

The delivery fee charged to you is non-reimbursable but as noted above, you can return the item to the store and receive a refund for the item/s purchased.

We understand things happen. Please contact our Customer Support team at within 14 days of delivery with your order number as well as details and photos of the damages or defect. Please share photos that include – a photo of the area of concern; two full shots of the product (from the side and overhead); a shot of the packaging.

In order to assure every item arrives on time, Swingbuy is currently unable to pick up items from multiple locations. Swingbuy does not limit you from placing multiple orders at the same time, though, in the event you need items from multiple locations

Currently, we are available in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan area and we have plans to roll out nationally in the near future. If you are interested in bringing Swingbuy to your city or want to join our growing team, please reach out to

Depending on the individual refund policy of the merchant, it can take anywhere from 2-4 days. Please check with your merchant to clarify.

No, Swingbuy does not handle returns or exchanges of items to the store. Should you desire a refund or exchange, the stores individual return and exchange policies apply

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express. As we are an online marketplace, we do not accept cash.

You will be notified when the driver has picked up your package and it is out for delivery. You will also be able to track the driver’s progress within the app. However, you will not able to contact the driver directly.

Yes, in the marketplace app you can click on the information icon and see store contact information. You also have the ability to message the store directly inside the app.

We do not store your credit card information. It is stored by a secure third-party financial institution.

In the Swingbuy Marketplace app, chose Profile and the Payment button to edit your information. You can also change your delivery address and/or add delivery addresses under Shipping.

Yes, we currently have an iOS iPhone app version of Swingbuy and a web-based version.

Please reference our Privacy Policy.

You can reset your password at the log-in screen.

Anyone under the age of 18 can only use the service with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Yes, Swingbuy delivers alcohol in certain markets. You must be 21 or older to receive alcohol and the account owner must be present to accept the delivery. Please be ready to show valid photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport).

If you are trying to find a specific item from a specific store, please contact the store directly, either through the Swingbuy messaging function or give the store a call. If you are trying to find an item with no specific store in mind, the item might not be available on Swingbuy yet. Feel free to contact us at with item or store suggestions. We’d love to hear from you

Let them know about us! Please send us an email with information and we will contact your favorite store and invite them to join Swingbuy.

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